" Cintai kekasihmu dengan sekadarnya saja, siapa tahu nantinya ia akan jadi musuhmu. dan bencilah musuhmu sekadarnya saja, siapa tahu nantinya akan jadi kekasihmu (Ali bin Abi Thalib)".
J O M ~ b a c a =)

Monday, 21 November 2016

TASK Lab paling fav ^.^ Aumm!

Assalamualaikum ..............

Waduh... lama sungguh tak update entry baru... ada sesiapa ke yang merindui entry dari 
ni .. HUHU ~ (ketawa)

So, entry pada malam ini, CikkSaiyidah nak sharing satu task lab Multimedia yang paling best dan Alhamdulillah, dapat full mark =.- huhuhu....

OKay, back to the topic : The Objective of this LAB is 

1. To study the principle of text processing.
2. To write and process text using Notepad and word processing software.
3. To publish text in web page.
4. To design font text using Font editor.
5. To convert text into sound.

Tadaaaa...... The result using Microsoft Word -> HTML 

Yang ni paling best sebab cantik ..... Ok, angkat bakul diri sendirikan (Feeling Annoying) kahhh..
Okay takkk, sebenar ye dpt belajar pelbagai bnda dan yang menarik juga... ada pula software yg convert from text to sound... menarik kan ???? so Kalian, boleh laa try google dan buat project yang menggunakan 5 elemens Multimedia such as 
Image, Audio, Text, Animation and last is Video =) 
Okay, thats all for my sharing today... TQVM =)
Doakan my project group dapat menyelesaikan project assignment dgn jayanya: 
Smart Parking For Disable People =)

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Laptop SLOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nampak takkk betapa "stress" yee dari tajuk entry.... 
Rilex, jangan "stress" mari kita ketahui kenapa lahh laptop kita boleh jadi "slow" begitu .... 

Nah! link ada di bawah.. 

CikkS dapat dari facebook- (FR Laptop Service).. "Scroll" punya "Scroll" , tetiba terus bangun dan buat "check up" Laptop.... Sungguh, CikkS sangat tidak prihatin terhadap laptop ni... Padahal, hampir 4 tahun dia hidup bersama... Aigoo! AND FINALLY>.< Sekarang, dah tahu model,  processor, RAM dan lain-lain. Haha~ 

ok, cukup la tu untuk sharing hari ini yee..... 
CikkS lapar dan nak pergi kafe  U.U 
Entry Closes =) 
PUBLISH ! Thank You

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Automatic Smart Hanger =)

The way you cry the way you smile
Naege eolmana keun uimiin geolkka?
Hagopeun mal nohchyeobeoring mal
Gobaekhal tejiman geunyang deureoyo
i'll sing for you sing for you
Geunyang hanbeon deutgo useoyo
i'll sing for u (EXO)

Assalamualaikum =) Hi !
Alhamdulillah. Finally! done the presentation for our project. 
hah! kalian tahu tak project apa yang kita orang buat?? huhu ... 
dari tajuk entry pun dah dapat agak bukan? =.= 

yes ! Automatic Smart Hanger. But 'why' kita orang buat this project ?? mesti ada sebab kan ?? 
^.^ haha ~ sebabnya.... Meh ceq habaq mai ..........

Nowadays, people attend to be busy with their work in their daily life. The problems that faces by peoples is often force to leave the cloth hung outdoors at night and nobody to take the clothes during work hours when rainy or cloudy. 
Therefore, the ‘Automatic Smart Hanger’ will be the best suite to solve their problem ^.^v

ha! sebab itu laa... hehe... 

We as an engineer opss! bakal, InsyaaAllah.. Must create something that help people's life becomes easier... In our project, we are use a processor (ESA 86/88) as a connection to the sensors that we use.  Hmm... We already know about high level language such as C++ is more easier than the Assembly language (low level language). Therefore, to complete this project, there are many problems that we need to face since we are use a assembly language coding to complete our project (serious talk) 

Lets continue reading =)

If you want to know, this is a several assembly coding that we are use. 
Did you familiar seeing this coding?? 

We use 3 Input : Rain sensor , Light sensor and Switch 
 3 Output : LED, Buzzer and Step Motor

Hah ! up there is my team project. Meng Li and Hazirah. 
Thank you so much ! uolss and well done because we already finished the project. 
But now, we need to focus for the final project report =)

BTW, uolss nak tahu takk ?? how much the cost that we spend to complete this project?? 
Here is the list of costing table :

Total RM58.00 only =)

In the nutshell, this project gives us a lot of knowledge and experience where everything is very value able and cannot be brought with money. In my opinion, this project is very useful to people. Since, in our project we need to top up and do a correction. Therefore, i hope somebody or maybe i, or who can renovate and maybe make over it to be more  functioning and its suitable to be use and applied it at home soon. InshaaAllah, if i am an engineer kelak. huhu =)
Okay ! that all... 
Publish =)
Thank You for finishing your reading !

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Page 2 of 366 - Engineers are the BEST boyfriends =)

ALL these ARE facts .. so.. here goes..

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle.

An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him a high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house too.Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in a law firm, most management graduates have just failed on their first business plan, the arts graduate is still looking for a job, and the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital. ''-

Advantage 2: Unmatchable industriousness.
An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don't understand you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's worth of happiness=dh/dt.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired results appear. Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you, the Management graduate who will try to control your spending, the Arts graduate who will 'change major', and the medical school graduate who will operate on you. And you know what, it's really so easy to make engineers believe that you are the 'one'. Say that you like one of their projects and they will be hooked to you forever.

Advantage 3: An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust.

Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others - the lawyers will lie about everything, management graduates will cheat your money, the arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate.
Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about that.
Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find - rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you. So girls, why procrastinate? Get an engineer as your boyfriend!

By Unknown =)
“The road to success is always under construction”

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Page 365 0f 365

Assalamualaikum and Hye :)

I thought that I'd been hurt before
But no one's ever left me quite this sore
Your words cut deeper than a knife
Now I need someone to breathe me back to life .........................
lalalala~ (menyanyi)

Alhamdulillah, hari ini terasa lega. Sebab?? sebabnya dah 3 "paper exam already done" (tenang)
then continue pula 7 Jan - 8 Jan ... waiting for " two last paper " ^.^

Memandangkan hari ini "last day" dalam Tahun 2015. Marilah kita "start" fikir wish list ... 
Opss ! Not just a list but must target to achieve that. okey ! dear  =) 

Tak mengharap lebih pun untuk tahun 2016... Cuma berdoa dan berusaha untuk jadikan tahun 2016 Triple XL lebih baik dari tahun yang lepas.. Makes a new memories with peoples around us. Dan yang paling penting, mencipta kejayaan maybe target "pointer" acah-acah orang perform (gurau) haha~ 

Lets thinking ::

Azam tu apa ?? suatu Niat dan Matlamat untuk terus hidup ..... Kan ???

So, walau apa pun "wish list" kalian. Cik Ida doakan yang terbaik. Yes ! Of course lah yang terbaik (haha) 

Senyumlah tika gembira
Senyumlah juga tika berduka
Senyumlah tika berjaya
Senyumlah juga tika kecewa

Kerana senyum itu tanda cekal
Kerana senyum itu tanda sabar

Bahkan senyum itu juga sedekah 

Senyumlah wahai jiwa yang tenang
by "Tarbiah Sentap"

" Happy New Year ! " 
countdown sesorang laa kitew malam ni #roomateTakAda 

okay ! that all for my entry today.
Be yourself 
Publish !

Friday, 18 December 2015

JOm follow IG Shop : niaga_dotcom =)

Siapa pemilik ig ni ye?? (berfikir)
Oh, saya lah ^.^ cikSaiy ~ 

Tapi kenapa tetiba berminat dan terlibat dalam niaga-niaga bagai ni? >.<
Sebab saya nak pegang duit banyak =.= hehe~ 

Tak susah ke ? niaga vs study ? (ingin tahu)
Hmm, pada mulanya susah =( tapi kalau sibuk dengan "study", saya akan "hold" kan dulu " updated " barang di ig. Biasanya, aktif niaga di kolej dan area UPM. 

Pengalaman dengan "customer" ?
kalau cakap pasal pengalaman.... pasti ada yang positf dan negatif ... Alhamdulillah, kebanyakkan "customer" amat berpuas hati dengan barang yang saya jual. Banyak komen-komen positif yang diberikan. Terima kasih kepada semua "FOLLOWER" di ig niaga_dotcom.... 
Hmm.. yang negatifnya, ada pelangan yang banyak karenah dan yang tetiba nak "judge" pun ada... tapi "Its Okey" itu lah penguat saya... Setiap yang kita lakukan pasti ada cabaran.. 
So be Happy, keep Move on and Don't Give Up ! 

Harapan ?
Semoga saya terus diberi semangat untuk meneruskan perniagaan "ONLINE" selamanya... Sebab ?? saya dah ketagih dalam dunia perniagaan yang penuh dengan dugaan =(  hehe (ketawa) 
Semoga Hasil rezeki ini diberkati dan diredhai Allah SWT. InshaaAllah, kalau ada rezeki saya nak buka kedai sendiri. dan jadikan dunia perniagaan ini cita-cita saya yang ke-2... Maklumlah, semua orang tahu, sekarang saya belajar dalam "course" kejuruteraan... But who know someday you becoming what? hehe ~ so kita sebat je semua peluang sebagai langkah untuk berjaya =) So siapa yang nak tahu "first step" untuk berniaga "online" ni.. Meh ! sis ajar dan kongsikan bersama ^.^
email : miss_saiyidah94@yahoo.com 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

A NIGHT OF Reminiscing MEmoRIES CCSE2015


Dewan Anggerik , Bangi Golf Resort :: 22 Mei 2015 ::

Alhamdulillah, berakhir sudah event " Annual Dinner CCSE2015 "
~  semua kelihatan bahagia pada malam semalam.. haha!
Ana , dari AJK Jemputan mengucapkan ribuan terima kasih kepada semua yang terlibat , yang sentiasa menyokong " first year ".

KEPADA PELAJAR FINAL YEAR::  Selamat maju jaya~ Ana doakan kalian semua di permudahkan urusan dan selamat bergraduat dengan cemerlang kelak... 

Maaf atas segala salah dan silap serta kekurangan... tidak semua yang dirancang akan menjadi PERFECT 10 kan .. hehe ...
mari kita lihat muka2 " sado " yang terlibat dalam majlis mlm semalam...

First Year CCSE 2015

Friendship is one of life's greatest treasures. 

Thank you to both missZZ ~ Miss Lia  and  Miss Rabiah ~ we LOve u

MY Sweet Bestie And Cik Qila~ Ida Love uolss 

Its All About Friendship !

Friends that are loyal are always there to make you laugh when you are down, they are not afraid to help you avoid mistakes and they look out for your best interest. This kind of friend can be hard to find, but they offer a friendship that will last a lifetime. In the Nutshell , its all about bonding.. 
Last Message from me :: 
Semalam dpt rasa bonding antara kita. Ni yg kita nakk. Thanks kalian. Semua terbaikk. Semalam ana ada ambil air kotak + muffin yang takda org makan minum . Sebab ada lebih , students ada yang tak datang . So minta halalkan eh korang...THANK YOU !

Kini berakhirlahh sudah segala event ... Alhamdulillah ... So, now my focus is on the final exam=.= terasa kejap sangat mnjadi first year .. pahni jadi senior 2nd year pula... lalala~
Sekian , Publish ! ^.^